Pixabay has reached 40.000 public domain images

Only one year after its launch, Pixabay has become the best source for quality public domain photos and cliparts known to mankind.

The title says it all: today, Pixabay has received it's 40.000th approved image and with it, we thank our active members for contributing to this useful project! In particular, but not exclusively, and in unspecific order, our thanks goes to LoggaWiggler, beeki, Gazel, KleeKarl, JamesDeMers, PixelAnarchy, Jana, and all other users, who generously uploaded images to Pixabay. In total, our database now comprises around 18.000 photos and 22.000 cliparts.

In case you haven't seen, yet, our best, hand-picked images on Pixabay receive an Editor's Choice award - and all those awe-inspiring photos are showcased here: Editor's Choice Photos. Just recently, we also started collecting free public domain cliparts - both scalable SVG graphics and PNG files - to offer you an alternative to "real" photos. The best cliparts are nominated as well for an Editor's Choice award, and those are listed separately from our photos right here: Editor's Choice Cliparts. Some of those amazing graphics almost look like actual photos, e.g. this drawing of a dart.

With our growing photo stock, we've recently been approached by other web developers with the request for an API, so that third party websites are able to search and provide Pixabay's images directly and comfortably to their own users. And yes, we've created - and already released - an easy to use RESTful interface (including API documentation), that any registered member of Pixabay can access free of charge. 

PsykopaintBy that, Pixabay will pretty soon become an interesting image source on Psykopaint, a most unique photo editing web application, that can even beat lots of desktop programs. If you don't know Psykopaint, take a look. It's amazing:)


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