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An Update on Watermark-Based Hotlink Protection for Google Images

An Update on Watermark-Based Hotlink Protection for Google Images

Having watermarks delivered in Google's new image search for about ten weeks, we recently decided to discontinue this method of hotlinking protection for Pixabay.

In this follow-up post to our tutorial on how to protect images against the new Google image search, we disclose our findings and conclusions concerning the described method of hotlinking prevention, which was implemented for Pixabay five months ago, on February 20, 2013. At the ... July 3, 2013  -  52 kommentarer

Automatic Desktop Wallpaper Changer

John's Background Switcher periodically changes the background image on your computer based on selected online resources, like Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Pixabay, and more. May 13, 2013  -  6 kommentarer

Pixabay Plugin for WordPress

Pixabay Images is a free WordPress plugin that lets you pick photos and cliparts from Pixabay and insert them quickly into your blog posts. March 28, 2013  -  41 kommentarer

Photo Contest "Be Creative - Everything but Nature"

Submit your entry to the international Pixabay photo contest about "Everything but Nature", and win prizes worth a total of $500. Contribute images about people, business, sports, and more. March 27, 2013  -  1 kommentar

Hotlinking Protection and Watermarking for Google Images

Due to inline linking, the last update of Google Images caused a loss of traffic for most publisher websites. Find out how to get back your visitors by applying a sophisticated hotlinking protection. Feb. 22, 2013  -  95 kommentarer

Usage of Pixabay images on Facebook

Recently, there has been a lot of agitation about image rights on Facebook. Is it safe to use images from Pixabay on the social media platform and on similar websites? Short answer: Yes, it is. Jan. 26, 2013  -  8 kommentarer

Photography Training and Image Quality Standards

Our quality guidelines are aimed at creating useful images that designers may confidently include in their projects. Find out about common quality issues and how to avoid them, when taking photos. Nov. 28, 2012  -  47 kommentarer
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