Pixabay starts cooperation with Psykopaint

Let's paint stuff: Take free images from Pixabay and turn them into artistic masterpieces with Psykopaint.

As announced in a previous post, we have recently launched an API to give 3rd party websites access to Pixabay's public domain image database. And today, we introduce you to Psykopaint, the first cooperation partner using our search API.


What's Psykopaint?

Psyokopaint is a stunning online drawing app, that allows you to transform real photos with ease into unique pieces of art. While it's a lot of fun playing around with provided tools, the results are simply put "amazing". Like in professional photo editing software, you have support for layers and - highly customizable - brushes. However, on top of that, you also get different, most unusual drawing effects and filters to turn photos into painting-like pictures. And with these, you don't have to be a Vincent van Gogh to achieve great results. Psykopaint can thus be considered as some sort of link between pure photo editing and painting software.

Let's take a look at some screenshots: First, choose an original photo: upload your own, select one of Psykopaint's samples, or search on Pixabay:

Psykopaint Painter - Select an image


After having chosen an image, the editor opens up. Select a brush in the toolbox on the bottom left corner of the screen and start painting. The interface is really intuitive, and simply by playing around using different effects, you'll quickly make advances and learn how to use them.

Psykopaint Image Editor


Without experience - and completely untalented concerning arts, I've managed to transform my original photo of a daisy into this painting within just a couple of minutes. Imagine what You can achieve with your talent, experience in the offered tools and some more time! Or just take a look at the awe-inspiring galleries on Psykopaint and see what other users have published.

Psykopaint - Modified photo


After having created your own painting, you can export it as PNG file and save it to your desktop, share it on Psykopaint or Facebook, print it as a poster, create a personal calendar or use it on Zazzle products, etc.

Have fun and go play now:) Or leave your opinion in our comments below ...


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