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Funny 404 error pages

Today, Pixabay has received one of it's most important features: the 404 error page :-D Web developers enjoy having fun with those and here are some great examples.

A 404 error is displayed, when no page was found on the server for a certain URL. Well, as such, it may not be the most important part of a website, but it can be pretty surprising. fab404 features an enormous collection of particularly creative and entertaining 404 error pages. And in this article, I'll show you my personal favorites and you'll also get to see our very own 404 page.

  1. Turn on the volume and head right over to Tinsanity's 404 page. Tinsanity itself doesn't appear to exist any more, but the 404 page remained :)

    Tinsanity 404

  2. CSS-Tricks error page clearly hints at what the page itself is about: computer programming.
    CSS-Tricks error page
  3. Web designer Alessio Atzeni's 404:

    Error 404 by Alessio Atzeni

  4. And last but not least: atspace.org's 404 error. This one is actually only funny to those, who remember playing on an Amiga system. It's basically a remake of the original Amiga OS software error page - and it's animated in retro style.


And finally, we proudly present you our very own and brand new Pixabay 404 error page ... see it in action. Right below is a comments section for any feedback you might like to share :)

, mai 30, 2012  


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