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Achim Thiemermann (Age 66) From Austin Texas, United States

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Born and raised in Munich, Germany. Living in Austin, Texas since 1981. Small business owner in the culinary field and as internet entrepreneur. Managing over 200 article sites on and, as well as various blog projects for clients in Germany and the US.
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Dc-3, Aircraft, Old, Classic, Vintage
Dc-3, Aircraft, Old, Classic, Vintage
Prickly Pear, Cactus, Cactus Apples
Corn, Grilled, Corn Cob, Maize Cob
Toad, Fly, Roadkill, Dead, Frog
Salmon, En Papillote, Food, Fish
Texas, Longhorn, Sculpture, Metal Art
Texas, Longhorn, Metal Art, Sculpture
Scenery, Mailbox, Postbox, Country Side
Mailbox, Postbox, Country Side, Usa
Dumpster, Trash Bin, Garbage, Trashcan
Squirrel, Tree, Rodent, Forest, Animal
Woodworker, Artisan, Craftsman, Cutting
Carrots, Vegetable, Vegetables, Healthy
Portabella, Mushrooms, Fungi, Vegetable
Jail, Fake, Art, House Wall, Door
Coke Machine, Coca Cola, Old, Antique
Clouds, Fire, Sunset, Sky, Heaven
Capitol, Texas, Austin, State
Cow, Street Art, Sculpture, Colorful
Rotisserie Chicken, Grilled, Food
Pizzas, Pizza Topping, Fast, Food, Meal
French, Macaroons, Dessert, Food
Cinnamon, Rolls, Food, Breakfast, Baked
Crackers, Food, Salty, Party, Crunchy
Float Plane, Seaplane, Flying, Aerial
Alaska, Beach, Coast, Coastline, Ocean
Alaska, Beach, Coast, Coastline, Ocean
Coastline, Alaska, Coast, Bear Tracks
Moose, Skull, Dead, Rack, Alaska, Head
Turnips, Vegetables, Root, Healthy
Tomatoes, Vegetables, Healthy, Fresh
Sweet-Potatoes, Yams, Vegetables, Root
Cross, Ornament, Vintage, Decor
Open House, Sign Post, Arrow, Sign, Open
Dead End, Street Sign, Road, Traffic
Dog, Terrier, Sunny, Sleepy, Pet, Doggy
Austin, Texas, Downtown, Native
Fried Potatoes, Potatoes, Chip Potatoes
Austin, Graffiti, Mural, Texas, Painting
Road Humps Ahead, Road Sign
Gecko, Salamander, Reptile, Cold Blooded
Schnitzel, Meat, Breaded, Mustard
Ground, Beef, Pork, Hamburger, Meat, Raw
Pay Here, Sign, Texas, Parking, Downtown
Austin, Texas, Downtown, Congress
Texas, Downtown, Austin, Skyline
Building, Skyscraper, Tower, Urban
Peaches, Market, Organic, Bushel, Ripe
Bread, Olive Bread, Italian, Artisan
Baguette, Bread, French, Artisan, Fresh
Breads, Loaves, Artisan, Fresh, Bakery
Bread, Loaves, Artisan, Fresh, Bakery
Bread, Loaves, Artisan, Fresh, Bakery
Agave, Cactus, Plant, Succulent, Botany
Strawberries, Berries, Season, Sweet
Turtle, Asphalt, Animal, Street
Hydrant, Fire, Red, Water, Emergency
Leaves, Foliage, Dried, Autumn, Natural
Soccer Field, Austin, Texas, Skyline
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