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Canon Digital Ixus 500

Silhouette, Lovers, Romance, Heart, Love Shield, Note, Tafal, Smoking Inner Harbour, Duisburg, Port, Building Inner Harbour, Duisburg, Port Sunrise, Morgenrot, Sun, Skies, Orange Hospital, Station, Bed, Bedside, Rod Hospital, Shield, Note, Lamp, Light Duisburg, Inner Harbour, Building, City Stone House, The Stone Wall, Window The Stone Wall, The Rope, Stone Guitar, Window, Musical Instrument Italy, Pisa, Tower, The Statue Of The Books, Book, Bound, Library, Bookshelf Mammal, Savannah Elephant, Ishasha Branches, Aesthetic, Snow, Covered Energy, Hand, Current, Keep, Plug, Cable Music, Clef, Treble Clef, Musician Infra Red, Energy, Hand, Current, Keep Snow, Winter, Bank, Cold, Wooden Bench Away, Forest, Forest Path, Glade

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Digital Ixus 500
ModelDigital Ixus 500
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