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Pixabay Plugin for WordPress

Pixabay Images is a free WordPress plugin that lets you pick photos and cliparts from Pixabay and insert them quickly into your blog posts.

200.000+ quality public domain images at your hands! To get started with Pixabay Images, download and install the plugin. Installation through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress is also available. Once you've activated the plugin you'll be able to search, edit, and insert images from Pixabay conveniently inside your WordPress content editor.

Download Pixabay WordPress Plugin

Version 1.2 / Size: 36 kB

Features include:

  • Search Pixabay's public domain pictures via the "Add Media" button inside your post editor, or find it attached as new tab to WordPress' new Media Manager.
  • Filter search results by image type (clipart, photo) and/or orientation (landscape, portrait).
  • Preview images in paginated search results.
  • Direct image uploads to WordPress' media library.
  • Use of standard media dialogues for editing and inserting images.

This plugin is released as free software under GPLv2 license on WordPress.org / Pixabay Images. Very special thanks goes to main developer Emilian Robert Vicol - aka byrev on Pixabay.


Pixabay Images in screen captures

The plugin's workflow is depicted in the following screenshots. Clicking the Pixabay icon next to the "Add Media" button inside your WordPress editor opens this search window:

Pixabay Images WordPress Plugin - Search results

Example search results of "Pixabay Images".


The "Insert 640x480" link enables you to upload a 640 px wide or high version of the image with a single click into your WordPress media library, while clicking on a thumbnail opens the following preview pane:

Pixabay Images WordPress Plugin - Preview pane

Preview pane with further details - including link to the full resolution image on Pixabay.


Editing and inserting a selected image via WordPress standard media library:

Pixabay Images WordPress Plugin - Insert image dialogue

WordPress standard media dialogue for editing and inserting images.


Additionally, the plugin is accessible through the new Media Manager introduced in WordPress 3.5:

Pixabay Images WordPress Plugin - Media Manager

Pixabay Images integrated in the new Media Manager of WordPress 3.5+.


The following screen capture shows an inserted picture in medium size. The tiny Pixabay icon on top of the editor gives you quick access to the plugin while typing. Note: As an example given image credits are not required.

Pixabay Images WordPress Plugin - Inserted image

Inserted image. Attribution is given voluntarily and may be removed.


That's it! Download ... install, activate, and you're ready to go! If you have suggestions on how to improve this plugin, or if you notice any problems, please let leave a comment.



  • March 28, 2013:
    "Insert 640x480" was not redirecting correctly to WordPress library after successful upload.
    Several minor bugs were fixed.
  • April 4, 2013:
    Fixed a potential security problem.
  • April 1, 2013 (Version 1.1):
    'allow_url_fopen' had to be enabled for the plugin to work. PHP's cURL module and the HTTP API of WordPress have been added as fallback methods. Thus, either 'allow_url_fopen' or cURL must be enabled in your PHP configuration file 'php.ini'.
  • March 28, 2014 (Version 1.2):
    Fixed search for multiple keywords.
    Fixed layout bugs in Chrome.


Inserting images from Flickr

If you find Pixabay Images useful, you'll probably also want to check out Flickr - Pick a Picture - a WordPress plugin that lets you easily search and insert photos from Flickr into your blog posts.

, March 28, 2013  


JettDigitals  13 days ago
Thanks Simon! Will reactivate and give it a try.
Simon  26 days ago
@JettDigitals: Finally figured it out - okay, figured it out a while ago, but it's fixed now: This error only occured when searching for multiple keywords, e.g. "red roses". It works now - as of version 1.2.
JettDigitals  12/29/2013
Thanks Simon. yes, on the latest and using a free theme from WP directory called SmartAdapt.

Will try it on another site in few days when Holidays settle down. Maybe that will tell me if, theme, host or ?
Simon  12/29/2013
Hmm, I just checked and it appears to be working correctly. Are you working with the latest version of WordPress?
JettDigitals  12/29/2013
Loving the WP plugin! Have been using without issues and now getting the message below when performing search:

"Request/Server error:"

No other info provided, just the statement above?

Any ideas as got to where can't live without:)

italiako  11/03/2013
Thank you Simon, it works.
Simon  11/03/2013
Hey italiako, you can do that currently only by making a tiny change inside the source code.

1. Find the WordPress plugin directory on your server.
2. Open the file "pixabay-initvar.php" inside the "pixabay-images" directory.
3. Change in line 19: 'lang' => 'en' into 'lang' => 'it'

That should work, but it's untested. Good luck!
italiako  11/03/2013
Great plugin! I would like to know if is it possible change the language. I would like to replace the default search in the English language with a research in italian language. Is it possible? Thanks
julenka  09/21/2013
Simon  09/15/2013
@gremociones: The plugin saves all images on your own server. Hotlinking from Pixabay is not possible, anyways :-)
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