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Tagging Tutorial for Pixabay Images

Tagging Tutorial for Pixabay Images

This articles explains in detail why tagging your images is so important and how it's done correctly.

Tagging means describing the content of an image with relevant keywords. That needs to be done after you've uploaded pictures to Pixabay. You might ask: Why tagging at all? Simple answer: No matter how stunning your images are, no one will ever find them without ... July 18, 2014  -  0 comments

Free Software by Pixabay on GitHub

In the spirit of Pixabay, we've opened a GitHub repository under which we are going to release useful pieces of our platform code as free software. July 16, 2014  -  0 comments

Draggable jQuery Colorbox

Four very simple and efficient ways of rendering your jQuery Colorbox window draggable - with no dependencies and no overhead. June 26, 2014  -  0 comments

Pixabay WordPress Plugin Version 2

Our new Pixabay Images WordPress plugin comes with a bunch of great new features, including larger images, language settings and modernized layout. June 4, 2014  -  0 comments

Watermarks and Redirects in Google Images - Reloaded

Due to changes in May 2014, watermarks and redirects to prevent Google from inline linking your images stopped working. Here's an adapted solution for protecting your pictures. May 20, 2014  -  14 comments

New image popularity and user ranking on Pixabay

As of today, real user actions, like comments, favorites and votes impact Pixabay's image and author ranking stronger than before. May 14, 2014  -  0 comments

Django Search with Elasticsearch

Full-text search for Django - fast, flexible and robust. Only plain Python code and no third party apps required. May 8, 2014  -  0 comments
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