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Pixabay launches blog

As of today, we are hosting our own blog with news about Pixabay, information on our team and a lot more interesting topics, in particular about photography and image editing.

Up to now, all news about our website have been published in our official forum. However, it's time to grow up and thus, we now launch our own Pixabay blog magazine. Besides informing you about this website and us - the Pixabay team, we'll provide you with gear reviews, tutorials on picture editing, tips for taking photos and a lot more interesting articles.

Since this is our first official post, we'd like to introduce ourselves. With two members, the Pixabay team is quite small and we like it that way. I am Simon and my partner is Hans. We are founders, developers, designers and managers of Pixabay - in short: we do everything.

Simon on Pixabay

That's me, Simon, main developer and current blog author of Pixabay. I like traveling and sports a lot and I'm crazy about technology and programming. Before doing web development, I did my PhD in chemistry at the university of Ulm (Germany). If you find any bugs here, it wasn't me Laughing Actually, most like, it was me, because I'm doing most of the coding - but don't tell anyone.

As an online author I was sometimes a bit annoyed by the necessity of attribution or by required source links when using images from other websites.Giving credit to image authors is sure important, however, there are scenarios where it is technically not possible or at least difficult. That's why I put my efforts into Pixabay, to create something awesome, that other people may find just as useful as I do.

Hans on Pixabay

This is Hans, inventor of Pixabay, developer, and master of our servers. Hans enjoys taking photos and uploads tons of them himself for your disposal. He's also a tech geek, and thus studied informatics at the university of Ulm (Germany). When our servers are crashed, that's the place to go for some butt kicking Wink.

Hans is also among the founders of Pagewizz and Wizzley, communities concentrating on making money by writing articles. Besides text, users of these platforms can also publish pictures - and on a regular basis, charges are pressed, when image credits are missing or not given correctly. This problem - of course - is not limited to Pagewizz or Wizzley, but applies to any website and even to printed media. That's how Hans came to the idea of creating a website for really free images, which are safe to use for virtually any application. And so, Pixabay was born.

Yeah, that's your Pixabay team. Join us, help us, provide some pictures of your own. Today, there are more than 36.000 manually reviewed public domain photos and clip arts available - and clip arts often come as scalable SVG files. How to resize, edit and use them for professional applications will be one of my future topics here.

, April 23, 2012  


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