Notepad++ ColorPicker Plugin

A unicode ColorPicker plugin for Notepad++, including compiled binaries (DLL) and Delphi source.

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Notepad++ (npp) is a friendly, free and open source Windows Notepad replacement and code editor that supports syntax highlighting in a multitude of languages. Custom languages can be defined and all kinds of plugins are available, such as file explorers, file comparing tools, clipboard managers, and a lot more.


Notepad++ ColorPicker Plugin


Once upon a time, there was a highly useful ColorPicker plugin, allowing modification and creation of source code color values, e.g. HTML hex colors, directly inside the editor. However, with the conversion of Notepad++ to Unicode, the plugin stopped working and it never received an update.

Pixabay staff member Simon developed a new version of the plugin, which is freely available - both as source code and compiled binaries - right here and on SourceForge.

The plugin supports color values in HTML (hex #RGB), Delphi (integer and hex $00BGR), Visual Basic (&BGR), C++ (0x00BGR), and byte RGB (R,G,B).



ColorPicker Plugin (Binaries/DLL, zip file, 230 kb)

ColorPicker Source Code (Delphi project, 7z file, 30 kb)


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SherylRoger   vor 16 Tagen
I have installed this plugin and its working well for me. Its very useful. Thank you
cool!! :) thanks..
Simon   vor 1 Jahr
It's strange. Could another plugin have caused this or maybe a virus ... Anyways, in the meantime a few other UNICODE color picker plugins with different functionality were released: So, there's quite a choice :-)
Thanks Simon for quick reply...I had downloaded the v1.2 from SourceForge npp plugins...and put it in config folder... I was askd, whether I will like to update ... when I selected yes, I got these kind of issues.
Simon   vor 1 Jahr
@manikan...: Never heard of any such problem and I'm running the plugin until today in all version of Notepad++ - including the latest 6.4.5 - on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Also I don't know in what way the plugin may influence your browser. That doesn't make sense to me. Additionally, why would you be asked to update the plugin to the latest version? There has been no update in months, even years! Quiet confusing ...
I am sorry to tell this...But, I faced a problem with this plugin! I had notepad++ installed in my computer and then I downloaded this plugin, put in the plugins folder.. Then when I restarted notepad++, I was asked whether I would like to update the plugin to latest version. I restarted , but some changes were made to computer and I was not able to do any stuff!! The F11 key got pressed, the browser is getting maximized...Was not able to press backspace, delete keys in keyboard!! Had to uninstall notepad++ completely because of this !! Can you please explain this behavior, why it might have occured ..? I am not ready to presume it as anything bad about this plugin.
mathgod4961   vor 2 Jahren
Thank you for the edit. You may wish to change the year to 2013 from 2012. I did not perceive any competition. A unicode version of the plugin was needed when npp spawned a unicode branch. My earlier attempts to port to unicode did not work. I revisited the project after obtaining a unicode IDE. I tend to agree with you about web-safe colors. However, some coders still prefer web safe colors. HTML validators may still flag non-web-safe colors as a hint or warning. The conversion algorithm is short and easy to follow so implementation is easy.
Simon   vor 2 Jahren
Ah, mathgod, you *are* Don :-) Hi! It's not my intention at all to compete with your plugin. The development just happened to be necessary as a replacement during the time when no Unicode version was available. I'll edit my post concerning this matter right now, adding a hint that your plugin is available again.
Simon   vor 2 Jahren
Is there still any particular use for web-safe colors? I don't know of any. AFAIK, web-safe colors are a relict of the past, for some computers or software were capable of only displaying 256 colors:
mathgod496   vor 2 Jahren
Version 2.1 of Color Picker (by Don Rowlett) adds a button for rounding to web-safe colors. The plugin has been Unicode since version 2.0.
Author: Simon
Erstellt: vor 2 Jahren
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